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Our team of aviation insurance professionals specializes in helicopter insurance including piston rotorwing and turbine rotorwing insurance policies. Our highly trained agents are experts at getting you the very best helicopter insurance coverage at the most competitive rates.

Rotorwing insurance policies include liability coverage which covers bodily injury and property damage as a result of the operation of your helicopter. This typically includes a passenger liability sublimit as well for passengers riding in your helicopter.

We also offer rotor-wing hull coverage, which covers damage to the helicopter itself and any equipment attached.

Types of helicopters covered:

Helicopter Uses

We cover all types of helicopter uses from personal use to commercial uses such as sightseeing, part 91/135, medical transportation, police department surveillance and pipeline inspection.


Our history with helicopter insurance

In 1979 we pioneered the very first Robinson Helicopter Insurance Program. Working directly with the Robinson Company and Lloyds of London, we quickly had over 200 R22 Robinson Helicopters in our program. Today we can also provide coverage for the R22 and the R44. We work with personally owned and commercially flown Piston and Turbine Helicopters. We know that Insurance rates on these can vary a lot from company to company, so we always compare rates and coverage for the best solution

We can place Insurance for helicopters such as the Aerispatialle, any of the Bell Helicopter series, Brantly, Erickson Air Crane, Hiller, (Hughes) now MD Helicopter series, Robinson’s, Schweizer, and Sikorsky. Let us show you how we can solve all of your helicopter insurance needs!


Why Choose BWI?

Your priorities, are our priorities. We’ve built our entire business around making the aviation insurance experience easier and better so you can spend more time in the air.

Every dollar counts. We represent every major Aviation Insurance Company in the US. With helicopter insurance rates changing all the time, we shop and compare EVERY YEAR to make sure you always have the best coverage at the lowest price.

No call centers. Your call will be answered within a few rings by a real person during our NEW EXTENDED business hours.

Our office is open 2 hours earlier than our competitors from 6AM-4:30PM Mon-Thu and 6AM-4PM Fri. We also have a dedicated emergency line and duty agent for all inquiries outside of our normal business hours.

We are upfront, straightforward, and honest in all that we do. What’s the point in having insurance if you can’t trust that you’ll be covered in the event of a loss or accident?

We believe time is the most valuable commodity. Which is why we are committed to delivering faster results in every aspect of the quoting and service process. Our online Quick Quote is the fastest and most accurate quote submission form in the industry.

Our agents are held to the highest standards and we’ve developed an intense training program designed to ensure our agents are knowledgeable and provide fast and friendly service.

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